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Polished Concrete Leeds

By Mark On January 13, 2016 Under Polished Concrete

Concrete polishing is a relatively new stone restoration provision. There has been huge advancements in the service and there are more companies looking to offer it to both commercial and domestic customers.

Polishing concrete demands skill and expertise as it is a very challenging process that offers many variations. The polishing process needs to be altered according to the individual nature of the job. This is the only way that the best possible result can be achieved.

Concrete Polishing HullAnother requirement is the need for specialised equipment and products. Stains and dyes can even be applied to a concrete floor in order to enhance the finish achieved.

We feel confident saying that our clients would be astonished with the results that occur from the concrete polishing jobs that we complete. The process completely transforms a once dull and non-descript floor into a striking polished floor with character and uniqueness.

A polished concrete floor is straightforward to maintain and it can remain looking at its best with our tailored advice. Once the stone polishing process has been completed; we offer our clients with valuable information that will offer a huge benefit for ongoing care.

Concrete Polishing LeedsHere are some quick tips to keep your concrete flooring looking at its best;

Make sure to complete daily removal of particles and dust from the floor. The best way to manage this is with a soft bristled brush or a cloth

Make sure to use cleaning products that compliment this flooring type. Only neutral-ph variations should be used and there are specific products that work better to remove dirt without damaging the floor

Make sure to wipe up any liquid spillages on the floor; this includes any water brought in on shoes from outside. This will work to stop any staining or etching

Make sure that your concrete floor is appropriately sealed. A floor that is properly sealed will, itself, offer resistance against staining and wear

If you would like to arrange a concrete polishing quotation please call today on 0845 4599941. We work hard to provide you with information on how to polish concrete to achieve the best result.

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  1. Matt McDavid
    October 16, 2017
    7:33 pm #comment-1

    Would like a quote for 31sqm for a dining room and kitchen for polished concrete

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