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Above are some pictures of previous stone floor cleaning and wood floor sanding work we have completed. This includes; marble floor cleaning, marble floor polishing, cleaning limestone tiles, granite tiles cleaning, cleaning slate flooring, flagstone floor cleaning and many more.

Please view our other category pages to find out more about our floor cleaning and floor restoration services. We aim to deliver the best possible level of customer service, mixed with exceptional finishes for all clients.

Did You Know…

Stone floors require sealing

Stone sealers offer protection against liquid spillages and wear and tear. Effectively the surface is left hardened and will also offer an improved appearance.

You cannot polish slate tiles

Slate is a natural stone. It can be known to crack and flake slightly on the surface. Whilst other natural stone tiles can be polished, slate tiles cannot.

Stone floor cracks can be repaired

There is an incredible amount of stone repair services available that offer amazing results. Some stone repairs can be virtually unidentifiable to the eye. When speaking to individuals it is apparent that many people are not aware of these services.

We take great pride in ensuring as many people know about this service as possible. It is not necessary to live with unsightly cracks or chips.

Grout can be recoloured

Dirty grout is unsightly. Whilst it is always cleaned in the stone restoration process, it can also be recoloured and sealed. Grout is often known to suffer from small cracking and this in itself can cause issues.

This process offers a long term solution to the issue of unsightly grout lines.

You can change the surface finish of your stone tiles

If your stone floor has a certain finish (i.e. honed or polished) it does not mean that it cannot be changed. We complete a range of restoration work that grinds the surface of the stone. This grinding process is followed by polishing.

Stone polishing is completed to achieve any particular finish from a honed (matte) look to high-gloss sheen.