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Caring for your Polished Floor Tiles

By Mark On December 15, 2017 No Comments

The process of stone floor restoration is fascinating. There is no other way to put it and it may sound like an exaggeration. However, each element of the process can be tailored to specifically match the stone type that you are restoring. Different products can be used, and this is where specialist knowledge can make the difference between good finishes and great.

Polished Stone Tiles LeedsWe often talk about stone finishes and how they can vary from honed to high-sheen polish. During the process of your survey we will always discuss these options, if appropriate. Each may have benefits and drawbacks, but it is likely that you will have a preference once you are equipped with this information.

For our clients that select a polished stone, the process up to that point is exactly the same. However, finer and finer grades of pads are used to achieve the high-shine appearance that you can see in this image. Again, there are grades of polish and it is important that your exact requirements are met.

Why do some clients choose polished tiles?

  • Some of our clients like the statement that they provide. A high-shine tile looks incredible and when cleaned can really transform a space.
  • Generally, maintenance is straightforward and once familiar with the process, becomes routine.
  • Polished tiles offer a hygienic alternative. When polished floor tiles are appropriately sealed with the highest-grade stone sealers, the surface is protected against moisture, dirt, grime or bacteria. The end result is a surface that is more hygienic than comparable alternatives.
  • With our professional stone polishing services, you also have the ability to keep your stone floors looking at their best at all times.

If you would like to enquire about arranging a survey and quotation, please call today on 0845 4599941. We are on hand to support you through the process from the point of enquiry through to completion of the work and beyond.

Stunning Stone Cleaning Samples

By Mark On May 14, 2017 No Comments

With some of our stone cleaning enquiries, our clients are inquisitive about the results that we can achieve with the cleaning of their stone floors. As part of our all-round service we are able to offer a sample clean during your survey.

This allows us the opportunity to show an example of the transformation that can be achieved with our professional cleaning provision. Visible and tangible results takes away any concerns that our clients may have.

An inconspicuous area is selected and we are able to get to work, selecting our most appropriate products. Our clients are able to watch the entire process and envision what their floor will look like once fully restored.

Quarry Tile Cleaning LeedsThis image shows a sample clean we completed previously. Once again, the dirt and grime can build up very steadily. When we start the cleaning process, the layers of dirt get stripped back and the natural beauty of the tiles return.

The colouration, as that in this picture, can completely alter. Layers of dirt will understandably darken the appearance of your floor and one these have been removed, a cleaner and brighter appearance is left.

Our specialist stone cleaning service is available for all types of natural stone and manmade tile including:

Marble tiles, Limestone tiles, Travertine tiles, Granite tiles, Sandstone tiles, Flagstone flooring, Terrazzo floors, Terracotta tiles, Slate tiles, Quarry Tiles and Ceramic tiles.

To ensure optimum cleaning results, it is vital that correct products are used. Damage can be caused if this is not carefully considered prior to completing the process. Product residue should always be removed fully to reduce the likelihood of damage.

When contacting Total Floor Care, you will receive professional support throughout the cleaning process and beyond. Have you got a stone floor that you feel has lost its lustre? Have you got questions about how best to deep clean tiles? Call 0845 4599941 to arrange a survey.

Cleaning Natural Stone Tiles

By Mark On May 16, 2016 No Comments

Cleaning natural stone tiles is a real art and requires a range of abilities that are well-suited to our skillset. What we don’t know about stone floor restoration is not worth knowing.

Natural stone tiles Leedsatural stone is fascinating; whatever colour, texture or style you like there is a stone tile to suit your individual requirements. And once more your chosen stone will be a one-of-a-kind, individual and unique design when considering their veins, flecks and colouration.

Stone finishes allow our clients to select their best-suited surface. It tends to be that individuals have a definite idea of what they would like, whether it is a more matte finish or a high-shine gloss.

Both types offer very different appearances and range from a rustic feel to an uber-modern design.

Stone restoration services allows a once-matte floor to be restored to a high shine or visa versa. There are no boundaries and we will always discuss your options prior to work commencing.

There are many building materials available and it is argued that natural stone is more durable than any other type of material, whether manmade or natural. Look around and consider some of the world’s most incredible buildings; it is likely that natural stone features somewhere in their design.

What are some issues that can be repaired? Stone can be:

  • Etched
  • Scratched
  • Worn / Dulled
  • Pot-holed
  • Stained

These issues can all be tackled in the restoration of stone tiles. It is incredible how special product formulations and techniques have advanced to allow us, as stone specialists, to repair many of the problems that can be experienced. Many of these are completed to be essentially invisible.

Do you have natural stone tiles that have seen better days? Are the dirt-ingrained grout lines becoming an ongoing issue? Call today on 0845 4599941.

Stone Cleaning Myths

By Mark On July 12, 2015 No Comments

During our time serving as specialist stone cleaners and stone restorers we have come across many clients who have been privy to some stone cleaning myths. These myths are usually wide-spread and in our experience have led to the build-up of dirty stone floors.

So with this knowledge we continue to try and keep our clients well-informed with regards to the truths about regular stone cleaning. This means that we are able to leave each and every client well-informed after receiving our exceptional stone restoration service.

Stone Cleaners LeedsStone Cleaning LeedsFloor Tiles Lincoln









We completed this job in Leeds. The stone tiles and grout needed to be deep cleaned. The owners wanted a polished stone finish and so we then ground the floor with our state-of-the-art machinery to produce a striking and beautiful stone floor (as seen below).

Here are some of the Stone Cleaning Myths you may have heard:

It is best to wet mop your stone flooring

This is false; tiled floors accumulate dirt on the surface and within the grout lines. This dirt may not be visible but wet mopping will mean that this dirt will quickly discolour your grout. It is important to sweep regularly followed by mopping so that the dirt is removed prior to the cleaning process.

Floor Tiles LeedsStone Finish LincolnStone Finish Leeds









If tiles look ok they don’t need re-sealing

This is false; it can be difficult to see if stone sealer has worn away on your floor tiles. One quick way of testing this is by placing droplets of water onto the tile surface. If the liquid absorbs at all your tiles need to be re-sealed. A properly sealed tile will be water-resistant, stain-resistant and will make sure that routine cleaning is easier. There is a range of stone sealers available and we are able to offer tailored advice so suit your tile type.

You can leave cleaning solutions on grout lines to loosen dirt prior to cleaning

This is false; during the professional cleaning process tiles and grout are never left to soak. Water left on tiles will inevitably dull its finish. This can leave tiles damaged so it is important to be equipped with the detail required to maintain your floor tiles.

If you would like to know more about how to clean floor tiles please contact us on 0845 4599941; we are a friendly, family-run Company and would value the opportunity to work with you.

Natural Stone Flooring Lincoln

By Mark On November 11, 2014 No Comments

These Yorkstone tiles were in an extremely deteriorated condition when we arrived to provide our client with a comprehensive survey. The natural beauty of the floor tiles could no longer be seen and their dirty appearance was not promoting any of the benefits of stone flooring.

Stone Tiles LincolnOur client wanted to fully clean and restore these tiles as part of a renovation project they were completing. We worked with them to ensure that we were able to complete the work at the appropriate time so that their project ran smoothly.

The Yorkstone flooring looked so different once the restoration process had been completed. They boasted a rustic and classic look with the natural patterning of the tiles shining through.

The tiles were fully sealed so that they remain looking this great for as long as possible with care and routine cleaning.

Floor Tiles LincolnNatural stone tiles are fast becoming the most popular flooring material. It is a versatile, durable and dynamic product with timeless appeal. A stone floor will last longer than carpet and is easy to maintain, if equipped with the correct information and products.

Stone tiles were once thought to be an expensive flooring alternative; an increase in demand and other determining factors has meant that this is no longer the case. It is important that if you are contemplating laying a stone floor in your home or business that you view it as an investment.

As well as being incredibly durable, natural stone flooring offers the benefit that they can be fully restored if, over time, your tiles become worn, dirty or even damaged. We are well-equipped to deal with stone repairs and restoration.

If you would like to enquire about restoring natural stone then we would invite you to call on 0845 4599941. We make sure to tailor our services to ensure that the correct finish is achieved.