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Need to Know Grout Cleaning Advice

By Mark On January 29, 2018 Under Cleaning Grout

While natural stone floors and tiled floors age, they start to get dirty through use and wear. This process can happen over many months or years. However, it is likely that dirty grout lines will grab your attention prior to noticing the deterioration of your stone floors.

When thinking about it logically; cleaning the surface of your tiles can seem straightforward. However, all of the dirt that lands of your tiled surfaces can be pushed into the grout lines when routine cleaning is taking place. This has a huge impact on the appearance of your grout lines.

A major factor is that grout is a porous material. The following infographic has been put together in order to summarise some of our top tips for cleaning grout. Understanding these important elements will equip you with the ability to approach grout cleaning confidently.

Cleaning Grout Leeds

Don’t forget; dirt and particles build up on your stone floors. It is a vital element of the cleaning process to remove as many dry particles as possible prior to any product or liquid touching the surface.

If this process is not completed, then the dirt can be dragged into the sunken grout lines and will cause staining to the material. This staining is incredibly challenging to fix or remove. It is then sometimes the case that individuals take drastic measures in order to improve the appearance of the grout.

These may include using bleach or products that are not matched to grout. These can cause irreversible damage, leaving you with a bigger problem than when you started. There are products and techniques that will offer exceptional results for your dirty grout.

Why not give us the opportunity to quote for deep cleaning your stone floors and grout? Call today on 0845 4599941 to arrange a survey. We will always go the extra mile to ensure that your queries are answered comprehensively, and your floors are left spectacularly clean.

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