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Cleaning Stone Tiles

By Mark On February 6, 2018 Under Cleaning Stone Flooring

Stone floors, whether laid inside our outside of our homes are privy to a host of dirt and contaminants that work to affect their appearance. This build up over time can even mask the look of the tiles, leaving us forgetting what they look like when they were originally laid.

This short video shows how professional stone cleaning machinery can lift years and years of dirt to reveal beautiful natural stone underneath. The results really do speak for themselves and while we are confident of the finishes we achieve, this shows exactly that.

Why is the machinery we use so important?

Professional stone cleaning machines are high-powered and deliver exceptional cleaning results without damage. Training is imperative in order to use such machinery and with this comes the ability to transform stone floors.

Stone cleaning rotary machines agitate the cleaning solutions applied to the stone surface. The cleaning solutions also play a pivotal role in the success of the project. Natural stone requires products that are gentle enough not to damage them, but are strong enough to remove ingrained dirt.

Investing in such machinery offers stone cleaning companies the opportunity, with expert knowledge and experience to deep clean stone floors to a flawless finish. Once the stone tiles have been cleaned, it is then really important that a stone sealer product is applied to further protect them.

Top Tips:

Our advice is that routine maintenance is really important. Keeping on top of your stone cleaning will mean that the build up will be less dramatic. We offer cleaning advice to all of our clients as part of our ongoing customer care.

Stone floor restoration is a process that can offer exceptional results and this video shows how the beautiful pattern of the natural stone shines through once the dirt is lifted. Have you got a stone floor that needs restoring? Call today to request a no obligation quotation on 0845 4599941.

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