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Stone Restoration Leeds

By Mark On December 4, 2013 No Comments

Stone restoration is such a rewarding process and to bring life back to your stone flooring means that the end result is incredibly clean and beautiful natural stone.

As far as the process goes for restoring stone; it is completely dependent on the stone type as to what products are used and which process should be employed. Each stone has its individual requirements and our experience has allowed us the benefit of deep-rooted knowledge of this.

This short video clip shows us deep cleaning an external patio. The video shows layers of dirt and grime being lifted by our industrial stone cleaning machinery and the speed to which it is able to deal with the ingrained dirt. It also shows the beautiful texture and colouration of the stone tiles once they have been cleaned.

Cleaning external stone flooring is very important as the build-up can create a slippery and unsightly surface. This can become dangerous when the weather is either wet or cold as the stone’s natural slip resistance is drastically reduced.

The stone cleaning process not only eliminates this risk but it leaves striking natural stone that is inviting to people visiting your home or business and provides the right impression. The process is fast and efficient and the video shows proof of this.

If you have any questions about patio cleaning please call us on 0845 4599941 for more information; we will be happy to provide you with information and detail of our comprehensive stone restoration services serving Leeds and the surrounding areas.