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Domestic Stone Cleaning Hull

By Mark On May 10, 2015 No Comments

It is well-accepted that stone floors are exceptionally popular and as more and more clients are looking to restore their homes, stunning natural stone floors are being revealed. These have often been hidden by many years under other floor coverings.

These floors are often held in high regard by their owners due to their heritage and unique appearance. Restoring natural stone flooring is a time-tested process that delivers powerful results that leaves clients with skilfully restored floors that offer character, grandeur and durability.

Stone Floors Hull Stone Flooring Hull







This Cotswold Stone floor had been discovered during a home restoration process; it was completely covered with levelling compound. We were invited to fully remove this heavy-duty, thick compound. Our clients were under the illusion that the stone floor could not be rescued.

This stone restoration job required an in-depth understanding of the best product formulations and restoration process to ensure that the tiles were cleaned but not damaged throughout the process. Specific chemical compounds work to compliment this process and deliver incredible results such as those shown on the images.

Cotswold Stone Hull Stone Restoration Hull







Our comprehensive range of equipment is specialised in order to deliver superior results in the fastest and most efficient times possible. Once the levelling compound started to be stripped away, a striking Cotswold Stone floor was discovered. It was almost unrecognisable when the job was completed.

This golden coloured natural stone offers intrinsic beauty and created an individual statement that would add to the d├ęcor of this beautiful home, once fully restored. The finishing process then allowed our clients to further personalise their stone flooring.

They were astounded with how the floor looked and were so pleased with the clean and rustic appearance of these Cotswold tiles.

If you have recently uncovered stone floor tiles; allow us the opportunity to restore them. We take great pride in the challenge of providing exceptional results and invite you to regularly visit our blog to view our latest stone cleaning and restoration projects throughout Leeds, Lincoln and Hull.