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Concrete Polishing

Recent advances in polishing concrete have allowed skilled professionals to offer this increasingly popular service. Developments have been in the form of new polishing equipment and techniques.

Concrete Polishing HullThe process of concrete polishing demands a great deal of expertise and requires a skilled approach. There are many reasons why this type of flooring is becoming more popular including;

  • Concrete offers superior durability
  • The floor can be stained to replicate polished stone
  • The finish can be tailored from a satin finish to a high-shine gloss
  • During installation you can choose nearly any colour and can even create patterning

How to Polish Concrete:

Firstly we provide a thorough survey which allows us to formulate a quotation. Once this has been agreed a date for the work will be set.

Once we start the job, it begins with the use of coarse diamond segments. These are used with our state-of-the-art machinery, specifically for polishing concrete. We start by using a courser pad which works to remove scratches, old coatings and blemishes from the floor’s surface. The amount of times to which this is repeated depends on the condition of the concrete floor.

Concrete Polishing LeedsWe then move onto using diamond abrasives which allows us to grind the concrete to a finer finish. These abrasives vary in their grit strength so that the concrete floor can be polished to the desired sheen.

An impregnator sealer is applied which penetrates deep into the concrete; this strengthens the stone and produces a low-maintenance flooring alternative. Polishing compounds can be added to the surface to offer a further high-gloss appearance (but are not always required).

Maintaining Your Concrete Polished Floor:

Polished concrete flooring offers a versatile and extremely durable floor covering. Over time and through extensive use, if not property looked after, the concrete floor may start to lose its lustre. To elongate the lifespan of your concrete flooring we have devised the following advice:

  • Complete daily dust removal with a soft-bristled brush or microfiber cloth as this will remove particles that can work as an abrasive to the floors surface
  • Neutral-ph cleaning products should be used with a soft cloth, when required
  • Ensure that liquid spillages are cleaned up as quickly as possible as this will reduce the likelihood that it will stain or etch the floor

If you would like to arrange a free, no obligation quotation for your concrete floor please call us today. It is our aim to offer a professional and friendly service that will leave you confident that you are dealing with an industry specialist.