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The Benefits of Travertine Tiles

By Mark On June 6, 2017 No Comments

Travertine tiles are an incredibly popular flooring type. This video has been put together in order to discuss some of the key general advantages that travertine floor tiles can offer.

Take a look at some of these key benefits and how they could help you with your travertine floor. Are you looking for a ‘wow factor’ floor? Have you already got a Travertine floor that you need help with?

Either way we are here to offer comprehensive services for the cleaning and restoration of Travertine floor tiles. Why choose us?

Not only will your stone floor look incredible after our stone cleaning process, but you will be left with details on how to best care for your floor.

We all lead busy lives and caring for our floor needs to be made simpler. Did you know that a newly restored stone floor is easier to care for? Why?

After deep cleaning the stone tiles the floor will be sealed appropriately with a high-quality stone sealer. This means that they are effectively protected against general usage. Everyone is looking for ways in which they can achieve a more simple and straightforward cleaning routine. We are here to help.

Don’t put up with dirty grout lines. Don’t put up with dull-looking floors. Our services are fast and efficient and we feel confident that you will be assured of our pricing structure and overall service provision.

We are here to help and we care deeply about offering brilliant services for our customers. We have extensive experience in dealing with Travertine floors and other natural stone types. Call today to arrange a quotation to skilfully restore your stone floor to its best!

View our Video Here:

You are able to make contact by calling 0845 4599941 or feel free to e-mail info@naturalstonecleaningleeds.com. Once we have received your enquiry we will make contact in order to arrange a survey. Take action to help breathe new life into your floors today!

Stunning Stone Cleaning Samples

By Mark On May 14, 2017 No Comments

With some of our stone cleaning enquiries, our clients are inquisitive about the results that we can achieve with the cleaning of their stone floors. As part of our all-round service we are able to offer a sample clean during your survey.

This allows us the opportunity to show an example of the transformation that can be achieved with our professional cleaning provision. Visible and tangible results takes away any concerns that our clients may have.

An inconspicuous area is selected and we are able to get to work, selecting our most appropriate products. Our clients are able to watch the entire process and envision what their floor will look like once fully restored.

Quarry Tile Cleaning LeedsThis image shows a sample clean we completed previously. Once again, the dirt and grime can build up very steadily. When we start the cleaning process, the layers of dirt get stripped back and the natural beauty of the tiles return.

The colouration, as that in this picture, can completely alter. Layers of dirt will understandably darken the appearance of your floor and one these have been removed, a cleaner and brighter appearance is left.

Our specialist stone cleaning service is available for all types of natural stone and manmade tile including:

Marble tiles, Limestone tiles, Travertine tiles, Granite tiles, Sandstone tiles, Flagstone flooring, Terrazzo floors, Terracotta tiles, Slate tiles, Quarry Tiles and Ceramic tiles.

To ensure optimum cleaning results, it is vital that correct products are used. Damage can be caused if this is not carefully considered prior to completing the process. Product residue should always be removed fully to reduce the likelihood of damage.

When contacting Total Floor Care, you will receive professional support throughout the cleaning process and beyond. Have you got a stone floor that you feel has lost its lustre? Have you got questions about how best to deep clean tiles? Call 0845 4599941 to arrange a survey.

Cleaning External Stone Floors Leeds

By Mark On April 23, 2017 No Comments

Our home surroundings are the first thing people see. For this reason, it is therefore important that all elements are kept clean. Why can this sometimes be a challenge?

Cleaning Tarmac LeedsFloors outside experience a host of deteriorating factors. Poor drainage, moisture and other elements build up algae and moss on stone surfaces outside. Not only do these look unsightly but they can cause issues during winter months. When the temperatures fall below frozen the green-coloured surface coverings can become very slippery.

For this reason, it is imperative that the stone floors are cleaned on a regular basis. We were asked to deep clean these stone blocks in Leeds. As the first image shows they were very discoloured. In fact, you were unable to see what colour the floor should be, the tiles were so covered.

Our expert cleaning machinery is intensely-powered in order to offer brilliant cleaning results. The stone surface can be pre-sprayed with a specialist cleaning product. This works to lift the layers of algae, moss and dirt. Our machinery is then used to methodically clean the surface.

Cleaning Stone Paving LeedsProfessional pressure washers are high-powered and offer results that cannot be matched by lesser machines.

Ours are ideally suited for domestic and commercial work with a wide cleaning width that ensure both an even clean and a time efficient service. It deep cleans all paving surfaces.

The results achieved can be seen on the second image. The individual blocks are intensely cleaned and restored to their original colour. Once cleaned we could see the block paving pattern that was almost invisible on our arrival.

It is incredibly rewarding work to achieve such a dramatic transformation and our clients were so pleased. We cleaned multiple surfaces for our client in order to make a real difference.

Are you looking for help to clean your external stone tiles? Call us today on 0845 4599941.

Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning

By Mark On April 18, 2017 No Comments

We are confident that we can restore your commercial stone flooring to its originally laid appearance. Having clean tiles and grout adds to your professional reputation. As a result, this service plays a pivotal role in ensuring that your business is shown in its best light.

Tile Cleaning LeedsThese images show a commercial stone cleaning job that we completed in Leeds. As part of our comprehensive service, if required, we complete a test clean area. This may be completed in an inconspicuous location. Why are these important?

It is important to consider that a test clean area provides:

  • Our clients the opportunity to see just how clean we can get their tiles. The results often offer a surprise for our customers. It provides visible and tangible results.
  • Customers the chance to view our professional cleaning services. They will have the opportunity to see our professional machinery and expert cleaning product formulations.
  • Us the opportunity to identify the best cleaning techniques, product selection and to generally gain familiarity with the individual floor.

Did you know that the cost of deep cleaning your stone floor is significantly less expensive that the cost of full replacement? This means that our services are a cost-effective solution. Even the dirtiest of tiles can be restored to reveal a beautiful finish.

Cleaning Tiles LeedsRestored tiles will offer your floor a new lease of life and they will inevitably look great. The stone tiles that we cleaned were fully restored; the tile surface and grout lines were deep cleaned to offer a striking appearance.

Expertly cleaned tiles will not only look great. They will offer resistance against the build-up of dirt. They will offer resistance against mould and mildew; especially in environments where these can be problematic. Examples of these may be bathrooms, changing rooms, swimming pool areas or saunas. Would you like to find out more? Call today on 0845 4599941.

Cleaning Grout Advice

By Mark On February 7, 2017 No Comments

Many offer the advice that keeping stone tiles cleaning with routine cleaning is relatively easy. This statement in itself is true. However, it is often the case that the dirt from the tile surface is pushed into the grout lines.

This staining may happen gradually over time. It may be that you start to feel that your grout is looking aged before you ever notice any deterioration of your stone tiles. Individuals may start by trying to deep clean the grout lines themselves. However, they soon realise that the task is challenging and reach out for professional assistance.

We have put together the following advice that we hope aids the process of keeping your grout cleaner:

  • Take care whilst mopping your stone tiles. The dirt that is sitting on the tile surface can be pushed into the grout lines. Due to the fact that grout is porous this means that it is difficult to remove.
  • Sand Stone Cleaning LincolnEnsure that you select an appropriate cleaning product. Many household products leave residue on the tile and grout. This builds up over time and can be very difficult to break down. The products themselves are challenging to fully rinse away. Therefore it is important to choose a product that is best suited to your individual tile type.
  • Don’t resort to using bleach. So many of our clients say they felt it as their only option due to poor results from other products. This does not mean that it is an appropriate product for cleaning grout. Bleach deteriorates the grout and breaks it down over time. Not only that but it can damage the surface of the surrounding tiles.
  • Do not use wire brushes to clean grout lines. Grout cleaning can be quite an arduous and challenging task. However, use of a wire brush can damage the grout. Instead select a specialised cleaning product with a softer brush. This means that you will be able to clean grout without the possibility of damaging it.

We will always offer advice on the best cleaning products and techniques for your stone floors after restoration. Please call today on 0845 4599941 to arrange a survey.