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Sand Stone – 6 Step Deep Cleaning and Sealing Process

By Mark On March 2, 2011 No Comments

Sand Stone Cleaning and Sealing Process

The pictures below show the effective use of our 6 Step Cleaning and Sealing Process.

First, the surrounding area  is protected.

The floor is then dry mopped and vacuumed to remove any little stones and dry soil.

Rotary scrubbing brushes are used to to massage the  finish removers into the floor.

Pressurized spinning heads are then used to clean the stone.

Powerful air movers are used to dry the sand stone floor before the sealant is applied.

Finally, a sand stone cleaning plan is left in place. Please contact us if you have any enquiries about cleaning sand stone.

sand stone clean and seal from natural stone cleaning leedsnatural sand stone floor leeds








cleaning sand stone floor

cleaning natural stone floors







sand stone cleaning from natural stone cleaning leedsstone floor cleaning leeds