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Commercial Floor Sanding Leeds

By Mark On December 7, 2016 No Comments

We offer comprehensive cleaning and restoration services for all floor types. Part of this is our passion for sanding wooden floors. We have heavily invested in state-of-the-art machinery so that we are able to offer virtually dust free floor sanding.

This provision is completed by using a sanding machine that is attached to a filtration system. This system takes away the dust that was once made airborne in traditional sanding methods. This means that we are able to have better vision during the restoration process. It also means that the dust that used to be created during floor sanding is no longer an issue.

Less mess = faster clean-up, less disruption and a superior service

Dust free floor sanding LeedsWe attended this sanding job in Leeds. They were interested in whether their hall floor could be fully sanded. The build-up process had been so long that they couldn’t remember what the original floor colour was.

We completed a sample area for them to show the transformation that was possible. It really did shock them that under the dark, dull and lifeless surface was a beautiful, natural wood floor. It may sound silly, but the build-up of dirt occurs over many years. This means that it is less noticeable.

They were very keen for the work to be scheduled in. We discussed wood finishes that were available and which would be better to compliment the usage of the floor. They needed to know that the wood restoration process would be long-lasting.

All wooden floors, once sanded, look incredible. However this was an exceptional example of the transformation that can be achieved. We take great pride in our work and are passionate about delivering a service that is second-to-none.

If you would like to enquire about wood floor sanding and how we could possibly help to bring your wood floor back to life please call 0845 459 9941 today.

Restoring Walnut Wood Floors Leeds

By Mark On December 6, 2011 No Comments

We were asked if we could anything with this wood floor in Leeds.

Underneath all the lacquer and stain is a beautiful walnut floor, so with our state of the art dust free equipment we got to work restoring the wooden floor to its natural state.

In the first picture you can see how dark the floor is and you are unable to see the natural beauty of the wood.

walnut wood floor restoration leeds








We use our dust free belt sander to sand away any old products and damage.
In the picture below you can see the walnut floor after using the the first grit of 4 separate sanding grits.

restoring wood floors leeds









Our dust free edger is used for the edges. When the floor is prepared it is ready for the finish.

wood floor cleaners leedswalnut wood floor cleaner leeds







As you can see from the pictures below the results speak for themselves.

wlanut wood floor cleaning leedswalnut wood floors restoration leeds







cleaning walnut wood floors leeds







Contact Mark for all your wood floor sanding and wood floor restoration enquiries.