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Stunning Stone Cleaning Samples

By Mark On May 14, 2017 Under Natural Stone Cleaning

With some of our stone cleaning enquiries, our clients are inquisitive about the results that we can achieve with the cleaning of their stone floors. As part of our all-round service we are able to offer a sample clean during your survey.

This allows us the opportunity to show an example of the transformation that can be achieved with our professional cleaning provision. Visible and tangible results takes away any concerns that our clients may have.

An inconspicuous area is selected and we are able to get to work, selecting our most appropriate products. Our clients are able to watch the entire process and envision what their floor will look like once fully restored.

Quarry Tile Cleaning LeedsThis image shows a sample clean we completed previously. Once again, the dirt and grime can build up very steadily. When we start the cleaning process, the layers of dirt get stripped back and the natural beauty of the tiles return.

The colouration, as that in this picture, can completely alter. Layers of dirt will understandably darken the appearance of your floor and one these have been removed, a cleaner and brighter appearance is left.

Our specialist stone cleaning service is available for all types of natural stone and manmade tile including:

Marble tiles, Limestone tiles, Travertine tiles, Granite tiles, Sandstone tiles, Flagstone flooring, Terrazzo floors, Terracotta tiles, Slate tiles, Quarry Tiles and Ceramic tiles.

To ensure optimum cleaning results, it is vital that correct products are used. Damage can be caused if this is not carefully considered prior to completing the process. Product residue should always be removed fully to reduce the likelihood of damage.

When contacting Total Floor Care, you will receive professional support throughout the cleaning process and beyond. Have you got a stone floor that you feel has lost its lustre? Have you got questions about how best to deep clean tiles? Call 0845 4599941 to arrange a survey.

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