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Concrete Flooring Lincoln

By Mark On June 10, 2016 Under Concrete Polishing

Are you intrigued by concrete floors? Have you identified that this is the latest ‘buzz’ word in stone floor restoration?

It is possible that you have seen a concrete floor that you may have not even been able to tell was made of concrete. No longer is this type of flooring linked solely to commercial premises and some of the most incredible house designs now incorporate this dynamic material.

There are likely to be some questions that you contemplate before laying a concrete floor and some of these concerns are outlined below:

Will my concrete floor be cold underfoot?

It is a fact that stone flooring of any type can be cold to walk on barefooted. Concrete, however, is no worse than other natural stone or ceramic tile alternatives. If this is a real concern you are able to fit underfloor heating as concrete has a great ability to store and radiate heat.

Will a concrete floor cost the earth?

The only way to answer this question is by contemplating the other comparable floor types such as natural stone or ceramic tile. The direct cost comparison leaves you aware that concrete is an economic alternative and this is further boosted by its durability and longevity.

How am I best to care for my concrete flooring?

No floor is maintenance free and regular sweeping and mopping will keep concrete floors looking at their best for longer. The level and methods of care depend on the usage of the floor as a domestic floor will have much less foot traffic than a commercial property. Make sure that the floor is appropriately sealed and this will ease the routine care and maintenance.

Another exceptional element of this product is that it can be completely restored. Techniques can be employed to completely alter the look and appearance of the floor. Call today on 0845 4599941 to find out more.

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