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Cleaning Natural Stone Tiles

By Mark On May 16, 2016 Under Natural Stone Cleaning

Cleaning natural stone tiles is a real art and requires a range of abilities that are well-suited to our skillset. What we don’t know about stone floor restoration is not worth knowing.

Natural stone tiles Leedsatural stone is fascinating; whatever colour, texture or style you like there is a stone tile to suit your individual requirements. And once more your chosen stone will be a one-of-a-kind, individual and unique design when considering their veins, flecks and colouration.

Stone finishes allow our clients to select their best-suited surface. It tends to be that individuals have a definite idea of what they would like, whether it is a more matte finish or a high-shine gloss.

Both types offer very different appearances and range from a rustic feel to an uber-modern design.

Stone restoration services allows a once-matte floor to be restored to a high shine or visa versa. There are no boundaries and we will always discuss your options prior to work commencing.

There are many building materials available and it is argued that natural stone is more durable than any other type of material, whether manmade or natural. Look around and consider some of the world’s most incredible buildings; it is likely that natural stone features somewhere in their design.

What are some issues that can be repaired? Stone can be:

  • Etched
  • Scratched
  • Worn / Dulled
  • Pot-holed
  • Stained

These issues can all be tackled in the restoration of stone tiles. It is incredible how special product formulations and techniques have advanced to allow us, as stone specialists, to repair many of the problems that can be experienced. Many of these are completed to be essentially invisible.

Do you have natural stone tiles that have seen better days? Are the dirt-ingrained grout lines becoming an ongoing issue? Call today on 0845 4599941.

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