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Need to Know Grout Cleaning Advice

By Mark On January 29, 2018 No Comments

While natural stone floors and tiled floors age, they start to get dirty through use and wear. This process can happen over many months or years. However, it is likely that dirty grout lines will grab your attention prior to noticing the deterioration of your stone floors.

When thinking about it logically; cleaning the surface of your tiles can seem straightforward. However, all of the dirt that lands of your tiled surfaces can be pushed into the grout lines when routine cleaning is taking place. This has a huge impact on the appearance of your grout lines.

A major factor is that grout is a porous material. The following infographic has been put together in order to summarise some of our top tips for cleaning grout. Understanding these important elements will equip you with the ability to approach grout cleaning confidently.

Cleaning Grout Leeds

Don’t forget; dirt and particles build up on your stone floors. It is a vital element of the cleaning process to remove as many dry particles as possible prior to any product or liquid touching the surface.

If this process is not completed, then the dirt can be dragged into the sunken grout lines and will cause staining to the material. This staining is incredibly challenging to fix or remove. It is then sometimes the case that individuals take drastic measures in order to improve the appearance of the grout.

These may include using bleach or products that are not matched to grout. These can cause irreversible damage, leaving you with a bigger problem than when you started. There are products and techniques that will offer exceptional results for your dirty grout.

Why not give us the opportunity to quote for deep cleaning your stone floors and grout? Call today on 0845 4599941 to arrange a survey. We will always go the extra mile to ensure that your queries are answered comprehensively, and your floors are left spectacularly clean.

Cleaning Grout Advice

By Mark On February 7, 2017 No Comments

Many offer the advice that keeping stone tiles cleaning with routine cleaning is relatively easy. This statement in itself is true. However, it is often the case that the dirt from the tile surface is pushed into the grout lines.

This staining may happen gradually over time. It may be that you start to feel that your grout is looking aged before you ever notice any deterioration of your stone tiles. Individuals may start by trying to deep clean the grout lines themselves. However, they soon realise that the task is challenging and reach out for professional assistance.

We have put together the following advice that we hope aids the process of keeping your grout cleaner:

  • Take care whilst mopping your stone tiles. The dirt that is sitting on the tile surface can be pushed into the grout lines. Due to the fact that grout is porous this means that it is difficult to remove.
  • Sand Stone Cleaning LincolnEnsure that you select an appropriate cleaning product. Many household products leave residue on the tile and grout. This builds up over time and can be very difficult to break down. The products themselves are challenging to fully rinse away. Therefore it is important to choose a product that is best suited to your individual tile type.
  • Don’t resort to using bleach. So many of our clients say they felt it as their only option due to poor results from other products. This does not mean that it is an appropriate product for cleaning grout. Bleach deteriorates the grout and breaks it down over time. Not only that but it can damage the surface of the surrounding tiles.
  • Do not use wire brushes to clean grout lines. Grout cleaning can be quite an arduous and challenging task. However, use of a wire brush can damage the grout. Instead select a specialised cleaning product with a softer brush. This means that you will be able to clean grout without the possibility of damaging it.

We will always offer advice on the best cleaning products and techniques for your stone floors after restoration. Please call today on 0845 4599941 to arrange a survey.

Cleaning Grout Lincoln

By Mark On February 12, 2016 No Comments

The title stone restoration covers a comprehensive service that can be broken down into different processes or phases. Each of these, broken down demand recognition as exceptional elements towards the restoration of damaged or worn natural stone tiles.

Whilst natural stone is used widely throughout homes including flooring, worktops, stairs, fireplaces, bars and sills, the process of restoration demands a stone restoration specialist.

Grout cleaning forms an important part of this process, however, can prove to be the difference between a fair restoration and a great result. Dirty grout lines are unsightly and can instantly be identified.

Cleaning Grout LincolnIf your grout is particularly light in colour it is likely that it will discolour more quickly than darker varieties. Dirty grout may be more noticeable than on the tiles as dirt and particles are usually wiped into the slightly recessed grout lines when routinely cleaning.

Grout is a porous material which means that it can often be more of a challenge to clean. It is sometimes considered to be an arduous task if incorrect techniques or products are chosen.

Cleaning grout and the re-colouring of grout offers incredible results. Grout recolouring can offer a guaranteed finish for up to 10 years. For this process to be completed a deep clean of the tiles and grout is needed. An epoxy sealer is then applied to the stained joints, offering a clean, non-porous, long-lasting finish.

Each part of the process needs to be fastidiously appreciated. An in-depth understanding allows us to provide a service that appropriately reflects complexity of our field.

We are able to discuss the services that we offer in further detail; part of our work is to ensure that you are left feeling elated with the results we achieve and confident that you are dealing with a trade specialist. Please call today on 0845 4599941.