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Stone Restoration Lincoln

By Mark On October 6, 2015 No Comments

Why Use Natural Stone Flooring?

These pictures show a Limestone floor that we deep cleaned and restored in Lincoln. Limestone tiles are incredibly hard wearing and once restored can be kept clean simply.

Stone Restoration Lincoln Stone tiles can improve with age with the correct care, unlike other floor covering alternatives. Their longevity of their lifespan pays testament to their true value for money.

One of the best features of stone floors is their adaptability to suit almost every décor within different types of homes. Your flooring can remain whilst everything around it changes; tiles are timeless and will work to compliment different styles.

The differing natural shades provide a truly unique floor every time. Admittedly this limestone flooring looked slightly lifeless when we arrived. It was dull and did not adequately show the true beauty of the floor tiles.

Cleaning Limestone Tiles LincolnThe homeowners really wanted a polished stone finish to the tiles. We discussed the stone restoration process and the level of care required after the project was completed.

Each of the tiles that we deep cleaned varied in their colouration and a top quality installation specialist will monitor the colour during the process of laying the tiled floor. They are able to select a layout pattern which will add depth to the floor; one of the true advantages of a natural stone floor.

The tiles were resurfaced with our industrial machinery; this takes the tiles back to their most natural state. The floor is then finished and sealed with our specialist stone sealers.

The end result was a beautifully polished limestone floor; our clients were incredibly pleased and felt like they had a different floor the transformation was so vast. If you would like to find out more about our stone polishing services please call today on 0845 4599941.

Stone Polishing Lincoln

By Mark On March 16, 2015 No Comments

Natural stone floors are incorporated into many businesses and homes. They are considered to be a superior flooring alternative and are held in high regard. This often pays testament to their unique character, versatility and durability.

It is incredible how the technologies of restoring natural stone have advanced over the years and we are now best-equipped with versatile product formulations, techniques and machinery.

We were invited to deep clean and fully polish this beautiful stone floor in Lincoln. The homeowners felt as though it had become dull over the years from daily usage and regular cleaning.

Stone Polishing LincolnOur client was well-aware that incorrect usage of cleaning solutions that are not suited to specific stone types can easily cause damage.

Stone grinding requires an in-depth understanding. We use our experience and specialist techniques to produce the best possible results. We take into account the influencing factors such as age of the tile, depth of any scratches or damage, traffic, wear and colouration. The process needs to be tailored to make sure that the end result is exceptional.

We employ the use of our revolutionary stone polishing machinery. This effectively polishes stone tiles and prepares them to be fully sealed. The state-of-the-art machinery that we use produces a superior result in the fastest possible time.

It is sometimes not known that polishing stone leaves it much more hard-wearing and more durable in comparison to an untreated stone flooring. Once sealed, the polished floor works to repel corrosive factors such as dirt, oils, salts and liquids.

Our client was so pleased with the results and felt that we had been able to bring out the intrinsic beauty of her natural stone floor. She loved the look of her high-shine tiles and felt that it appropriately complimented the rest of her beautiful home.

If you would like to find out more about stone polishing we invite you to call on 0845 4599941.

Limestone Restoration Leeds

By Mark On May 8, 2014 No Comments

Limestone Tiles LeedsWe were invited to inspect these limestone tiles in Leeds in order to provide a quotation to complete the stone restoration process.

This allows us the opportunity to meet our potential customer and offers us the chance to answer any questions they may have, to discuss the results achievable and to assure the customer that they are dealing with a time-served stone cleaning and restoration specialist.

Limestone Flooring WakefieldOn acceptance of the quote we discussed timescales of the work to be completed and our client commented on how they felt that we had dealt with their enquiry professionally.

As routine, we protected all walls, kick boards and kitchen furniture. This is an important part of the process and again offers confidence that we approach each and every job with the utmost respect for our clients’ homes.

All dry particles were then removed prior to application of the pre-mixed cleaning solution. Limestone is a natural stone and knowledge of the correct products and techniques is vital to the success of the job. This avoids any damage being caused to your limestone floor.

Limestone Polishing WakefieldOur revolutionary rotary cleaning machines then agitated the cleaning solution which was then rinsed. This process was repeated and then the limestone flooring was thoroughly dried.

Our fast-drying machinery makes sure that this process is quick and efficient and forms part of our endeavour to reduce disruption to any home during the restoration process.

The stone floor was then fully ground and resurfaced as the limestone tiles were textured; this is visible in the before images above. The tiles were then fully polished leaving them with a high-gloss finish that the client requested.

Limestone Cleaning WakefieldThe before and after pictures show the incredible transformation that was achieved. The limestone floor was then fully sealed with a stone-specific specialised sealer.

This, as usual, makes sure that the stone tiles and grout work to repel any liquid spillages and will continue help make the tiles look as incredible as they did immediately after restoration.

If you have any questions about restoring limestone flooring please call Mark on 0845 4599941.

Commercial Limestone Cleaning Leeds

By Mark On November 13, 2013 No Comments

The approach to cleaning commercial limestone tiles is much different to that of a domestic property. In a busy and pressured business society, it can be detrimental to have your business closed at any time.Limestone Cleaning Leeds

Therefore we work hard to try and accommodate your business requirements to achieve minimal disruption to you. Our stone restoration process is fast and efficient with the use of our industrial stone cleaning machinery and expertise in cleaning commercial stone.

Limestone is a beautiful natural stone that is well-suited to many commercial properties. As well as being relatively low to maintain and routinely clean, it is long lasting and has a striking appearance.

Restoring Limestone Flooring LeedsLimestone flooring is porous so it is so important that you employ a skilled expert that can clean and restore your limestone floor without damaging it. This requires in depth knowledge of the stone and experience that will ensure the process is completed correctly.

The pictures show a limestone cleaning job that we completed in a local bank in Leeds. Through time and regular use the tiles had become incredibly dull and looked unsightly to both employees and customers.

After discussing the options available for stone restoration; it was decided that the finish required would be a high shine and glossy tile.

Cleaning Limestone Tiles LeedsThroughout the cleaning process all furniture and skirting were protected and industrial rotary machines were used to clean the tiles. The stone polishing process, using diamond encrusted rotary pads then enabled us to achieve a high-shine finish.

The tiles were completely sealed to make sure our results were long lasting and the stone had a natural ability to repel liquid. It is part of our service to discuss a regular maintenance programme with clients and I hope that you agree that the results speak for themselves.

Our clients were so pleased with the results; the newly restored tiles provided the right impression to customers entering the bank.

If you have any questions about cleaning or restoring limestone please call Mark on 0845 4599941.