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Natural Stone Tiles

Natural Stone Tile Information

Natural stone flooring is steeped in history and has been used for centuries as an elegant and sophisticated floor covering. The options vary hugely in tile type, shape, colour and finish. There is one thing they all have common and that is their durability and luxurious feel. They are long-lasting and with regular maintenance and professional tile and grout cleaning assistance can last a lifetime, looking like new!

We are happy to offer advice and support on any stone cleaning and stone restoration topic. We can provide information and guidance to ensure you get the most from your tiled flooring. Some of the natural stone tiles available include;


Marble Tiles;
Marble Leeds Marble is one of the most striking stone types; marble flooring is dense and hard-wearing so is suitable for rooms throughout any home, including bathrooms, showers, living rooms, dining rooms, conservatories and kitchens. Marble tiles offer a huge variety of colour options.

Granite Tiles;
Granite LeedsGranite is a popular choice for surfaces due to its durability and the range of beautiful effects produced by the natural graining in the rock. This tile choice is often a favourite in kitchens and bathrooms due to their natural non-slip finish and offer a range effects to ensure your design is individual.

Sandstone Tiles;
Sandstone LeedsSandstone is a strong and durable natural stone tile. Although hard wearing, sandstone naturally is water absorbent and so careful consideration into its use and professional sealing after installation will ensure your tiles are protected; sandstone is beautifully eye-catching.

Flagstone Flooring;
Flagstone_LeedsFlagstone floors have stunning appeal, with a range of colours, sizes and textures. These quality tiles are often used both inside and outside homes. Interior and exterior flagstones are suitable for both commercial and domestic use alike.

Limestone Tiles;
Limestone LeedsLimestone’s wide array of shades, colours, textures and durability make it a very popular stone for both traditional and contemporary interiors. The sheer choice of honed, polished, aged, brushed and tumbled limestone tiles that can be used for both walls and floors has added ever expanding appeal.

Terrazzo Tiles;
Terrazzo LeedsTerrazzo is a man made stone, created using natural stone pieces. It is basically a floor surface made from stone chips which are set into cement or epoxy resin. Terrazzo is more commonly used in the form of pre-fabricated tiles making installation quicker and easier. This tile is practically impermeable and allows for a more varied selection of colours to be used and reduces the risk of cracking or loose chippings. It is great for use in areas with a high level of foot traffic.

Terracotta Tiles;
Terracotta LeedsTerracotta is a natural, environmentally friendly product; it brings warmth, comfort, style and durability. Terracotta flooring provides is heat retaining, which makes it an ideal surface material for all under floor heating systems. It is one of the most instantly recognisable tile types.

Slate Tiles;
Slate LeedsSlate is a hard wearing stone, meaning installation within areas of the home with high foot traffic is not a concern. Slate tiling is available in a wide range of colours allowing versatility in both traditional and modern style houses. Tiles are available in different shapes and boast a natural non-slip quality; perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms.

Travertine Tiles;
Travertine LeedsTravertine tiling is a sophisticated and vastly popular stone flooring choice. Travertine provides both aesthetic and practical benefits and their range in finishes and colours allow for stylish uniqueness when installed to any commercial or domestic property. They create the illusion of space and are durable and long-lasting. These tiles are available in tumbled, brushed, honed and polished tiles.

Quarry Tiles;
Quarry Tiles LeedsQuarry tiling adds rustic charm and timeless style to your home. Historically renowned for their use in kitchens, utilities and hallways, quarry tiles are an ideal choice for period properties aiming to capture a sense of authenticity.


Make sure to protect your chosen tiles with the help of a local stone cleaning and stone restoration specialist. Let Natural Stone Cleaning Leeds put the life back into your flooring and contact us today.

Our website provides examples of previous work completed with before and after images. The transformation can be clearly seen; we hope to provide a superior and personal service to all our stone cleaning clients throughout Leeds and the surrounding areas.