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Why Restore Your Concrete Floor

By Mark On December 7, 2016 No Comments

It is incredible to consider how technologies and products have advanced over recent years. Prior to this if you were to discuss your concerns with your aged concrete floor, it is likely that the advice you would receive was to dig it up and start again.

This is no longer the case as we are now able to offer concrete restoration solutions. These alternatives offer a practical and cost-effective answer.

We specialise in the restoration of both commercial and domestic concrete surfaces. Our provisions include polishing and resurfacing. We all recognise that concrete is one of the most durable building materials. As with other floors it will experience extreme wear and will need cleaning and restoring.

Concrete Polishing LeedsWhat does it take?

It takes confidence, knowledge and experience. The process for restoring concrete floors is intensive and for the best results you need to be confident with each step. This, combined with a vast improvement in products means that concrete restoration is now a fast-growing service.

To answer the question as to why you should restore your concrete floor, it is important to consider its benefits. High on the list comes its ability to withstand incredibly high foot traffic, wear and its ease of maintenance.

When repaired and restored correctly any concrete floor could last a lifetime. It may be that it will need gentle polishing but the floor itself will be long-lasting.

Some of the most contemporary spaces have invested in this service and now have designer polished concrete floors. These are both striking and easy to maintain. What better solution for a commercial premises?

Have you got an old concrete floor that you would like to be restored? We also offer comprehensive concrete repair services and will be happy to discuss all of your options. Please call 0845 459 9941 today.

Concrete Flooring Lincoln

By Mark On June 10, 2016 No Comments

Are you intrigued by concrete floors? Have you identified that this is the latest ‘buzz’ word in stone floor restoration?

It is possible that you have seen a concrete floor that you may have not even been able to tell was made of concrete. No longer is this type of flooring linked solely to commercial premises and some of the most incredible house designs now incorporate this dynamic material.

There are likely to be some questions that you contemplate before laying a concrete floor and some of these concerns are outlined below:

Will my concrete floor be cold underfoot?

It is a fact that stone flooring of any type can be cold to walk on barefooted. Concrete, however, is no worse than other natural stone or ceramic tile alternatives. If this is a real concern you are able to fit underfloor heating as concrete has a great ability to store and radiate heat.

Will a concrete floor cost the earth?

The only way to answer this question is by contemplating the other comparable floor types such as natural stone or ceramic tile. The direct cost comparison leaves you aware that concrete is an economic alternative and this is further boosted by its durability and longevity.

How am I best to care for my concrete flooring?

No floor is maintenance free and regular sweeping and mopping will keep concrete floors looking at their best for longer. The level and methods of care depend on the usage of the floor as a domestic floor will have much less foot traffic than a commercial property. Make sure that the floor is appropriately sealed and this will ease the routine care and maintenance.

Another exceptional element of this product is that it can be completely restored. Techniques can be employed to completely alter the look and appearance of the floor. Call today on 0845 4599941 to find out more.

Concrete Grinding Hull

By Mark On April 19, 2016 No Comments

Concrete grinding is currently receiving a lot of positive press as the technologies and products have advanced incredibly over recent years. We have invested heavily in the necessary machinery that ensures our concrete polishing work is completed to the highest of standards.

To be able to offer this service it is imperative that all skilled tradesmen are appropriately trained. Each job provides varying challenges and a true understanding ensures the smooth running of the job. There are some general rules or tips that offer guidance when completing this type of stone restoration work.

Concrete Grinding Tips

Concrete Grinding HullTake the time to prepare for the work: there is a varying scale of damage to concrete floors and it is important that if necessary repairs are required that these are completed prior to the restoration process. All required information will be collected at the point of survey. Our TOP TIP: if the area for restoration is extremely large ensure that all damaged points are noted.

Don’t leave it too long to complete the work: this falls in line seamlessly from the above point. Superficial damage, if left, can become more serious. In the early stages, these areas can be considered as cosmetic issues and can be easily repaired.

Familiarise yourself with the general process: it is important that each and every one of our clients feel well-informed when it comes to restoring stone. This does not mean that we will blind them with science, but it means that they are furnished with detail that provides them with the ability to make well-informed and educated decisions when selecting stone finishes and other elements of the process.

Make sure that you plan for routine cleaning: as once your concrete floor is restored it will need routine maintenance. Although the cleaning of this floor type is straightforward, it should be regularly planned. Abrasive materials will then be filtered away, making sure it is less likely that they can damage your newly restored floor.

Do your concrete floors need grinding? Don’t delay and call today on 0845 4599941.