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Flagstone Restoration Hull

By Mark On March 11, 2015 No Comments

Flagstone floors offer a rustic appearance and can be used in a huge variety of settings. Their versatility means that they are well-suited to different decors and compliment both modern and traditional properties.

Flagstone flooring is available in a wide range of tile shapes, textures and sizes and has a natural slip-resistance which further offers testament to its popularity.

With this rough-textured surface, flagstone tiles often suffer from ingrained dirt and wear. It is important that specialist techniques are used to skilfully and carefully restore the floor tiles.

Flagstone Flooring HullWe were invited to deep clean and restore this beautiful flagstone floor in Hull. The homeowners loved their rustic ‘country kitchen’ but felt that over time that the tiles required a professional clean. They favoured this type of stone floor for its appearance and the nonslip surface that it offered as they had children and animals.

The textured finish creates traction and offers a great option for settings such as kitchens and bathrooms.

When we arrived it was evident that the tiles had been well-maintained but the inevitable dirt had built up over time and there were slight stains by oils and liquids that had been left to penetrate the stone tile.

Our stone restoration service is completely tailored to match the requirements of our clients and the nature of the restoration project. We employ the use of the correct products, equipment and techniques to restore stone floors after heavy use.

Our clients were so pleased with the results that we achieved; they had once considered replacing the floor due to its deterioration over the years. They commented on how efficient the process was and were grateful for the advice that we offered them about routine cleaning to make sure that their beautiful stone floor was left looking at its best for longer.

For more details on our flagstone restoration process please call our helpful staff on 0845 4599941.

Commercial Flagstone Stone Restoration London

By Mark On October 8, 2013 No Comments

Flagstone flooring is available in a huge range of styles and designs which has helped propel it as one of the most popular stone types available. It is also incredibly durable, meaning that flagstone can be found in a large range of commercial premises.

Flagstone Flooring LondonWe were asked to restore these flagstone tiles in London. The owners of the property on Harley Street had received a recommendation to employ us to complete the work.

It was a large job spanning nearly 120m2. We are well-equipped to deal with large commercial stone cleaning work and ensure minimal disruption to your business commitments.

This flagstone floor had suffered from staining caused by wet wood. It was originally thought that the damaged tiles would need to be replaced.

Cleaning Flagstones LondonUsing our specialist stone restoration techniques we were able to completely remove the staining. Once this process had been completed we were then able to seal the flagstones. This offers protection against liquid spillages and staining.

We leave every client with the detailed information required for regular maintenance. This provides them with the benefit of our time-served knowledge and ensures our results are long lasting.

We offer a comprehensive range of floor care services and have built up a great local reputation by providing brilliant stone restoration finishes whilst ensuring our high level of customer service is a priority without exception.

If you have any questions about cleaning flagstones, please call Mark on 0845 4599941.

Flagstone Floor Cleaning Wakefield

By Mark On September 12, 2013 No Comments

We were invited to restore these flagstone floor tiles in Wakefield. We have completed a large number of flagstone floor restoration jobs throughout Leeds and the surrounding areas.

Cleaning Flagstones Wakefield

Our time-served experience and expert knowledge allows us to achieve brilliant restoration results. This picture shows the measures that we go to, to protect your furniture and skirting boards.

We use every opportunity to assure you that you are dealing with professionals that will restore your flagstone flooring to like-new condition.

We visited this customers home to complete an inspection of the stone tiles. This allows us to identify the nature of the work required and provides an opportunity for us to discuss limitations of stain removal, if there are any.

Flagstone Flooring Cleaning WakefieldIt gives our customers the chance to meet us, get a feel for our professional approach and for us to provide them with a written quotation.

This picture shows the end result of this flagstone restoration job. The tiles were deeply cleaned and sealed; this is applied by hand and penetrates below the surface. The process is so important and provides a resistance against future liquid spills.

If you have any enquiries about flagstone floor cleaning, please call Mark on 0845 4599941.

Flagstone Flooring Wrenthorpe

By Mark On March 13, 2013 No Comments

One of our customers had a flagstone floor in Wrenthorpe that was in desperate need of restoration.

With 1/2 inch of levelling compound to remove from the stone floor, we hard our work cut out.

flagstone flooring wrenthorpeflagstone floors wrenthorpe









The photo below shows there was a lot of residue to clean off the flagstone floor.

flagstone cleaning wrenthorpe







We worked hard to get these brilliant results for our customer and she was very happy to see her lovely flagstone floor restored to its former beauty.

internal flagstone cleaning wrenthorpeflagstone restoration wrenthorpe





Flagstone floors need treating with specialist stone cleaning products to protect the natural stone floor.
Contact Mark for advice on cleaning and restoring flagstone floors.

Cleaning Indian Kitchen Flagstones Wakefield

By Mark On October 25, 2011 No Comments

This is an Indian kitchen flagstone floor we were asked to have a look at in Wakefield.

The flagstone flooring had only been down for 6 months but the customer found it was absorbing moisture due to the fact it hadn’t been sealed during restoration.

On our arrival we gave the internal flagstones a deep clean and seal, returning it to its natural beauty.

cleaning kitchen flagstones leedscleaning kichen flagstones leeds







Please contact Mark for all your flagstone floor enquiries on 0845 4599941.

Restoring flagstone flooring provides incredible results that are long-lasting and cost-effective. It is important to look after your natural stone flooring and the correct sealing, cleaning and maintenance programme will allow you to enjoy the full elegance of your tiles throughout your home.