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Caring for your Polished Floor Tiles

By Mark On December 15, 2017 Under Natural Stone Cleaning

The process of stone floor restoration is fascinating. There is no other way to put it and it may sound like an exaggeration. However, each element of the process can be tailored to specifically match the stone type that you are restoring. Different products can be used, and this is where specialist knowledge can make the difference between good finishes and great.

Polished Stone Tiles LeedsWe often talk about stone finishes and how they can vary from honed to high-sheen polish. During the process of your survey we will always discuss these options, if appropriate. Each may have benefits and drawbacks, but it is likely that you will have a preference once you are equipped with this information.

For our clients that select a polished stone, the process up to that point is exactly the same. However, finer and finer grades of pads are used to achieve the high-shine appearance that you can see in this image. Again, there are grades of polish and it is important that your exact requirements are met.

Why do some clients choose polished tiles?

  • Some of our clients like the statement that they provide. A high-shine tile looks incredible and when cleaned can really transform a space.
  • Generally, maintenance is straightforward and once familiar with the process, becomes routine.
  • Polished tiles offer a hygienic alternative. When polished floor tiles are appropriately sealed with the highest-grade stone sealers, the surface is protected against moisture, dirt, grime or bacteria. The end result is a surface that is more hygienic than comparable alternatives.
  • With our professional stone polishing services, you also have the ability to keep your stone floors looking at their best at all times.

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