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Commercial Flagstone Stone Restoration London

By Mark On October 8, 2013 Under Commercial Stone Cleaning, Flagstone Floors

Flagstone flooring is available in a huge range of styles and designs which has helped propel it as one of the most popular stone types available. It is also incredibly durable, meaning that flagstone can be found in a large range of commercial premises.

Flagstone Flooring LondonWe were asked to restore these flagstone tiles in London. The owners of the property on Harley Street had received a recommendation to employ us to complete the work.

It was a large job spanning nearly 120m2. We are well-equipped to deal with large commercial stone cleaning work and ensure minimal disruption to your business commitments.

This flagstone floor had suffered from staining caused by wet wood. It was originally thought that the damaged tiles would need to be replaced.

Cleaning Flagstones LondonUsing our specialist stone restoration techniques we were able to completely remove the staining. Once this process had been completed we were then able to seal the flagstones. This offers protection against liquid spillages and staining.

We leave every client with the detailed information required for regular maintenance. This provides them with the benefit of our time-served knowledge and ensures our results are long lasting.

We offer a comprehensive range of floor care services and have built up a great local reputation by providing brilliant stone restoration finishes whilst ensuring our high level of customer service is a priority without exception.

If you have any questions about cleaning flagstones, please call Mark on 0845 4599941.

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