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Flagstone Floor Restoration Leeds

By Mark On July 26, 2011 Under Flagstone Floors, Natural Stone Cleaning

We were called to this beautiful flagstone flooring in Leeds in need of restoration. Many years of dirt end up in a build-up that requires the help of a stone floor cleaning professional to provide the best results.

flagstone flooring







We treated a small area during the survey to show the customer how good her flagstone floor could look if treated correctly. The below picture really shows the difference and how clean the tiles can look with expert cleaning.

flagstone flooring







We used specialist  floor equipment and products to clean the flagstone tiles and to remove the built up residue.

flagstone flooring restoration







The floor was then turbo dried to ensure quick drying.

flagstone floor drying equipment







Finally, the flagstone flooring was sealed to protect the floor and the results speak for themselves!

flagstone flooring restorationflagstone flooring restoration







We are specialists in all types of stone floor cleaning. We provide pictures as evidence of the incredible results that can be achieved through stone floor cleaning and restoration. We invite any enquiries relating to cleaning flagstone flooring or any other natural stone tiles.

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