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Travertine Tile Polishing Leeds

By Mark On June 14, 2015 Under Travertine Floors

These images show a travertine cleaning job that we recently completed in Leeds. The area covered was around 600 metres squared and allowed us to show our experience and talent in producing the exact stone finish that the business owners required.

Such an extensive job demands an intrinsic understanding of the type of stone, the best product formulations and the techniques to achieve a fast yet efficient result.

Travertine Tiles Leeds Travertine Cleaning Leeds







The travertine tiles were completely ground and polished using our specialist techniques. Our state of the art machinery allowed us to work consistently to produce a seamless finish throughout the entire stone floor.

Below are some interesting facts about travertine. Did you know?

  • Travertine floor tiles are porous due to the way in which the stone forms over time.
  • Every travertine tile is unique; with naturally occurring surface holes and troughs.
  • Surface holes and troughs are often filled during the production process; however some tiles may also have these on the back of the tiles that can be filled with adhesive on installation to prevent future pit holes from forming.
  • Travertine has been used for many architectural structures, however, its most frequent use is for floor tiles, wall tiles and kitchen backsplashes.
  • Travertine can be easily recognised due to its colouration; mostly the tiles are cream, tan, white or a golden colour. However, most would not know that this type of tile is also available in orange, pink and red hues.
  • Modern tiles are now available in larger sizes; a comprehensive range provides individuals the opportunity of creating a unique design either inside or outside of your property.

Here is our TOP TIP for caring for your beautiful Travertine floor; make sure to seal your stone floor to protect its natural beauty. This should be done at the point of installation and periodically after that time.

If you would like to find out more about the services we offer for restoring Travertine please feel free to contact us on 0845 4599941.

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