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Travertine Floor Tiles and Tile and Grout Cleaning Leeds

By Mark On July 26, 2011 Under Tile and Grout, Travertine Floors

We were called to have a look at a travertine floor in Leeds.

The grout lines and the tiles were soiled  and were not looking their best as you can see from the photos below.

After discussing the customer requirements we offered to carry out a free demonstration around the grout lines so the customer could see how good the tiles could look with the right treatment.

travertine tile and grout cleaning

cleaning tile groutcleaning travertine







We protected the working area with waxed brown paper.

The travertine floor was cleaned with specialist floor cleaning equipment and then we then filled the holes in the travertine tiles.

The floor was left to dry and it was sealed the following day.


The travertine stone floor was restored to its former glory and after we added the tile and grout sealer, the floor looked a completely different colour after the restoration.

cleaning travertine natural stone floortravertine natural stone cleaning







Our customer was kind enough to comment;.

Mark, just a brief note to say my kitchen floor is wonderful I would not have believed how good it would look, I would recommend you and your work to anybody who asks me, and should anybody wish to see my lovely new floor I would be happy for you to show them.

Thank you for a great, tidy, efficient job I could not be more pleased.  Thanks

Tile and grout cleaning and sealing with specialised products can make all the difference to clean looking stone floorscontact Mark for advice on how to clean tile grout.

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