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Facts about Stone Restoration West Yorkshire

By Mark On September 27, 2015 Under Tile and Grout

The process of stone floor restoration requires skill and experience. Natural stone and manmade tile are complex in their very makeup. It requires vigilance to offer the best possible finish.

Stone Restoration LincolnThe feel of sophistication and class is unavoidable when faced with a large expanse of beautiful stone flooring.

Stone floors provide an attractive, functional and practical flooring solution. There are many factors that deteriorate stone tiles and this is, unfortunately, unavoidable. Years of regular use, spills, scuffs and foot traffic may leave them looking lifeless.

A huge benefit of stone is that it can be skilfully restored; we have developed this magnificent process to be tailored to the different requirements of each type of floor.

The process works effectively to grind away scratches, scuffs, etching and dull spots on the surface of the stone. This abrasive process reveals a new layer that allows a brilliant starting point to polish and finish.

Stone Restoration LeedsDiamond abrasive pads are used to smooth the surface of the stone. Water is used so it is imperative that all furniture, skirting boards and walls are fully protected. We take great care in this procedure.

Our TOP TIP is to make sure that the correct cleaning products are selected. We make sure that our clients are left with advice on the best-available products for their particular stone type. Acidic solutions can develop staining spots that are clearly visible and cannot be removed.

Did you know…. Harmful chemicals can cause damage, corrosion and discolouration. This offers an insight into the knowledge base required to successfully restore stone tiles.

Make sure you…. Mop up liquid spillages immediately and frequent removal of dirt and particles by sweeping will help your stone floor look better for longer.

Always…. Put an entrance mat at your front and back door to help reduce deteriorating particles from entering your home or business.

We invite you to call to arrange a quotation and to discuss how best to restore stone floors. Call today on 0845 4599941.

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