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Stone Cleaning Myths

By Mark On July 12, 2015 Under Natural Stone Cleaning

During our time serving as specialist stone cleaners and stone restorers we have come across many clients who have been privy to some stone cleaning myths. These myths are usually wide-spread and in our experience have led to the build-up of dirty stone floors.

So with this knowledge we continue to try and keep our clients well-informed with regards to the truths about regular stone cleaning. This means that we are able to leave each and every client well-informed after receiving our exceptional stone restoration service.

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We completed this job in Leeds. The stone tiles and grout needed to be deep cleaned. The owners wanted a polished stone finish and so we then ground the floor with our state-of-the-art machinery to produce a striking and beautiful stone floor (as seen below).

Here are some of the Stone Cleaning Myths you may have heard:

It is best to wet mop your stone flooring

This is false; tiled floors accumulate dirt on the surface and within the grout lines. This dirt may not be visible but wet mopping will mean that this dirt will quickly discolour your grout. It is important to sweep regularly followed by mopping so that the dirt is removed prior to the cleaning process.

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If tiles look ok they don’t need re-sealing

This is false; it can be difficult to see if stone sealer has worn away on your floor tiles. One quick way of testing this is by placing droplets of water onto the tile surface. If the liquid absorbs at all your tiles need to be re-sealed. A properly sealed tile will be water-resistant, stain-resistant and will make sure that routine cleaning is easier. There is a range of stone sealers available and we are able to offer tailored advice so suit your tile type.

You can leave cleaning solutions on grout lines to loosen dirt prior to cleaning

This is false; during the professional cleaning process tiles and grout are never left to soak. Water left on tiles will inevitably dull its finish. This can leave tiles damaged so it is important to be equipped with the detail required to maintain your floor tiles.

If you would like to know more about how to clean floor tiles please contact us on 0845 4599941; we are a friendly, family-run Company and would value the opportunity to work with you.

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