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Marble Restoration and Marble Polishing Leeds

By Mark On October 4, 2011 Under Marble Floors

Marble tiles can look stunning in a home if treated and looked after correctly.

We were asked to restore this marble floor in Leeds that was heavily scratched and badly damaged with acid based cleaning chemicals.

The marbleĀ  floor was very dull and needed bringing back to life.

We used diamonds to grind all the damage and scratches out of the floor.

The end result was a highly polished marble floor that reflected the light perfectly.

Marble polishing can transform the look of marble floors.

If you would like advice on how to care for your marble floor, please contact Mark.

marble polishing leedsmarble polishing leeds







Marble flooring can be one of the most stunning floor tiles and will undoubtedly create a focal point for any room. The professional cleaning of this beautiful stone will restore its natural beauty and leave it shining; many shop-bought products can leave build-up and residue through regular cleaning. Contact Mark to find out more about marble polishing and marble cleaning services.

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