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Marble Cleaning Huddersfield

By Mark On August 5, 2015 Under Marble Floors

We were asked to strip back this incredible marble floor in Huddersfield. The homeowners felt as though over time that the floor tiles had become dull and lacklustre.

They wanted their marble tiles to be restored to a high-gloss finish. There was a large expanse of tiles throughout the kitchen and living area as well as the downstairs WC and utility room.

Whilst deliberating about the stone finish that they wanted we discussed the benefits and possible drawbacks of polished tiles over a more honed (or matt finish) tile.

Matt Finish:


  • Matt Finish HuddersfieldA matt finish for a tile is often said to offer a more modern appearance to a space.
  • The maintenance required for this tile finish is reduced in comparison to gloss tiles. Soap marks are unlikely to show.
  • Matt tiles provide a natural appearance that can often be said to reflect a more individual and authentic look.


  • A non-polished tile is likely more vulnerable to show scratches, scuffs and stains.
  • Although deep cleaning is not as frequently required; if matt tiles do need cleaning it is understood to be more labour intensive.

High Gloss Tiles:


  • Marble Tiles HuddersfieldA highly polished floor tile is better suited to smaller rooms as the reflective and smooth appearance makes the room appear larger.
  • When cleaned, polished tiles reflect the light from the room so that it appears brighter.
  • A highly reflective tile creates a wow factor for any space within a home or business.
  • The stone polishing process offers a hardened tile that is more durable.


  • If not cleaned regularly gloss tiles can show up wet spots, soap smears and other marks.
  • Although routine cleaning of this tile type is relatively straight forward, glossy tiles need to be cleaned regularly and shined so that smear marks are removed.

With this information it is very clear that stone finish comes down to personal preference. The most important aspect is to keep on top of maintenance to ensure that your tiles are looking at their best.

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