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York Stone/Flagstone Floor Restoration

By Mark On March 2, 2011 Under Flagstone Floors, Yorkstone Floors

Restoring a hidden York Stone Floor

The photos below show original York Stone flooring that has suffered years of neglect.

The current owners only found this potentially beautiful floor when they pulled the old carpet up and that’s when we received the call for help.

The York Stone tiles had been varnished several times and had been covered in cement.

The first picture shows the floor before the restoration process.

In the 2nd picture we show the removal of the varnish and any coatings using specialist strippers, removers and equipment.

The third picture shows the cement removed with specialist cement remover.

The York Stone floor is then prepared and  dried using powerful air movers.

Finally, the floor is then sealed using a natural stone sealer. The grout lines are filled, after which another two coats of natural stone sealant is applied leaving a clean and fresh looking floor.

This shows the complexity of York Stone cleaning; we are professionals and will tailor your stone cleaning to match your exact needs. We are happy to discuss any queries you may have and enjoy the challenge of achieving the best possible results for your natural stone flooring.















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