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Concrete Grinding Hull

By Mark On April 19, 2016 Under Concrete Polishing

Concrete grinding is currently receiving a lot of positive press as the technologies and products have advanced incredibly over recent years. We have invested heavily in the necessary machinery that ensures our concrete polishing work is completed to the highest of standards.

To be able to offer this service it is imperative that all skilled tradesmen are appropriately trained. Each job provides varying challenges and a true understanding ensures the smooth running of the job. There are some general rules or tips that offer guidance when completing this type of stone restoration work.

Concrete Grinding Tips

Concrete Grinding HullTake the time to prepare for the work: there is a varying scale of damage to concrete floors and it is important that if necessary repairs are required that these are completed prior to the restoration process. All required information will be collected at the point of survey. Our TOP TIP: if the area for restoration is extremely large ensure that all damaged points are noted.

Don’t leave it too long to complete the work: this falls in line seamlessly from the above point. Superficial damage, if left, can become more serious. In the early stages, these areas can be considered as cosmetic issues and can be easily repaired.

Familiarise yourself with the general process: it is important that each and every one of our clients feel well-informed when it comes to restoring stone. This does not mean that we will blind them with science, but it means that they are furnished with detail that provides them with the ability to make well-informed and educated decisions when selecting stone finishes and other elements of the process.

Make sure that you plan for routine cleaning: as once your concrete floor is restored it will need routine maintenance. Although the cleaning of this floor type is straightforward, it should be regularly planned. Abrasive materials will then be filtered away, making sure it is less likely that they can damage your newly restored floor.

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