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Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning

By Mark On April 18, 2017 Under Commercial Stone Cleaning

We are confident that we can restore your commercial stone flooring to its originally laid appearance. Having clean tiles and grout adds to your professional reputation. As a result, this service plays a pivotal role in ensuring that your business is shown in its best light.

Tile Cleaning LeedsThese images show a commercial stone cleaning job that we completed in Leeds. As part of our comprehensive service, if required, we complete a test clean area. This may be completed in an inconspicuous location. Why are these important?

It is important to consider that a test clean area provides:

  • Our clients the opportunity to see just how clean we can get their tiles. The results often offer a surprise for our customers. It provides visible and tangible results.
  • Customers the chance to view our professional cleaning services. They will have the opportunity to see our professional machinery and expert cleaning product formulations.
  • Us the opportunity to identify the best cleaning techniques, product selection and to generally gain familiarity with the individual floor.

Did you know that the cost of deep cleaning your stone floor is significantly less expensive that the cost of full replacement? This means that our services are a cost-effective solution. Even the dirtiest of tiles can be restored to reveal a beautiful finish.

Cleaning Tiles LeedsRestored tiles will offer your floor a new lease of life and they will inevitably look great. The stone tiles that we cleaned were fully restored; the tile surface and grout lines were deep cleaned to offer a striking appearance.

Expertly cleaned tiles will not only look great. They will offer resistance against the build-up of dirt. They will offer resistance against mould and mildew; especially in environments where these can be problematic. Examples of these may be bathrooms, changing rooms, swimming pool areas or saunas. Would you like to find out more? Call today on 0845 4599941.

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