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Why Restore Your Tiles?

By Mark On June 18, 2016 Under Cleaning Stone Flooring

They may well be one of the most durable flooring types, however, tiles will inevitably deteriorate over time. This deterioration can happen steadily over time or an event can occur that vastly speeds up this process.

Tiles that have lost their shine or finish look lack-lustred. Many people live with unsightly tiles under the assumption they have no alternative, having tried all shop-purchased products.

Replacement of tiles is incredibly expensive and an arduous task. If stone restoration is a viable option, it should be utilised.

Stone cleaner LeedsRestoring your floor tiles is sure to be the more affordable option. What better argument? There are a range of issues that can be tackled with exceptional finish. These include:

Dirty grout: it is likely that the build-up of dirt occurs in the routine cleaning of the floor. Dirty particles get dragged into the slightly recessed grout lines. It is important to realise that grout forms part of the comprehensive restoration process; tiles and grout are deep cleaned.

Stains: all stone tiles have the ability to be stained. They are sturdy and durable, however, they are not impervious. Specialist product formulations and techniques are vital to lift the stains and to ensure that the floor is protected against further damage.

Stone chips: the same theory applies to stone flooring as with many other materials. A small chip or hole can often be easily repaired, however, if left, over time it could possibly deteriorate further into a problem that is unrepairable.

Deteriorated finish: all types of tiles need to be appropriately sealed. Once this has started to wear away the tile can appear to lose their shine. This is likely to happen at the same time as the colour dulls.

Each of these elements can be reversed and your tiles transformed. Why restore your tiles? Because our professional stone cleaning provision offers an unbeatable solution. Call us on 0845 4599941.

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