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Cleaning External Stone Floors Leeds

By Mark On April 23, 2017 Under Cleaning Stone Flooring

Our home surroundings are the first thing people see. For this reason, it is therefore important that all elements are kept clean. Why can this sometimes be a challenge?

Cleaning Tarmac LeedsFloors outside experience a host of deteriorating factors. Poor drainage, moisture and other elements build up algae and moss on stone surfaces outside. Not only do these look unsightly but they can cause issues during winter months. When the temperatures fall below frozen the green-coloured surface coverings can become very slippery.

For this reason, it is imperative that the stone floors are cleaned on a regular basis. We were asked to deep clean these stone blocks in Leeds. As the first image shows they were very discoloured. In fact, you were unable to see what colour the floor should be, the tiles were so covered.

Our expert cleaning machinery is intensely-powered in order to offer brilliant cleaning results. The stone surface can be pre-sprayed with a specialist cleaning product. This works to lift the layers of algae, moss and dirt. Our machinery is then used to methodically clean the surface.

Cleaning Stone Paving LeedsProfessional pressure washers are high-powered and offer results that cannot be matched by lesser machines.

Ours are ideally suited for domestic and commercial work with a wide cleaning width that ensure both an even clean and a time efficient service. It deep cleans all paving surfaces.

The results achieved can be seen on the second image. The individual blocks are intensely cleaned and restored to their original colour. Once cleaned we could see the block paving pattern that was almost invisible on our arrival.

It is incredibly rewarding work to achieve such a dramatic transformation and our clients were so pleased. We cleaned multiple surfaces for our client in order to make a real difference.

Are you looking for help to clean your external stone tiles? Call us today on 0845 4599941.

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